Star Trek: The Outer Frontiers of Puppetry by Michael and Joshua Malkin
Yaya Coulibaly, A Malian Puppeteer by Mary Jo Arnoldi
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie at 50 by Todd Stockman, Nancy Staub, George Latshaw
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Holy Toledo! Festival Review by Justin Kaase
Poland’s Theatre of Fire and Paper: Grzegorz Kwiecinski by Witold Jablonski
Through the Ivory Gate by Rita Dove reviewed by Lynne Jennings
Helen by Helen Rotch Ferguson reviewed by Andrew Periale
Playing with Fire by Julie Taymor & Eileen Blumenthal reviewed by Bart Roccoberton
Morgan’s Passing by Anne Tyler reviewed by Justin Kaase
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Japanese Theatre in New York
UNIMA Citations for Excellence
A Historical Faust Lives Again by Elisabeth Beijer